Friday Best is a series of conversations with young women on life as they know it.

Each week we speak with women from all walks of life about their personal story and their perspective on the world around them.

An interview is published every Friday and each guest then nominates another young woman to join in the conversation.

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Anne Kingsley

We’ve spoken to our fair share of teachers here at Friday Best, and each one has given us their own brilliant take on education. 

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Jenny Peng

As a kid, Jenny Peng always spoke up. Getting her point across wasn’t always easy: she moved to Australia with her family at the age of twelve from Taiwan 

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Carolin Siebert

Carolin Siebert is only 25 years old but she speaks five languages fluently, is learning her sixth, has two kids,

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Jill Jones

Since chatting with Jill Jones I have returned again and again to something she said in her interview that stuck with me

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Marta Soszynska

Marta Soszynska is a crusader. She was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, but has spent the last five years

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Emma Hamilton

Emma Hamilton arrived at The Crossroads of Should and Must a few years ago while working at a department store

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headshot_Steph Stepan

Steph Stepan

I read about Steph before I met her. Starting a new job at an independent, Melbourne based publisher was nerve wracking enough

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