Friday Best is a series of conversations with young women on life as they know it.

The online magazine is the brainchild of Rachel Shepheard (left) and Steph Stepan (right), two friends who believe you can learn a lot from one another by sharing your story.

Each week they speak with women about their personal story and their perspective on the world around them. An interview is published every Friday and each guest then nominates another woman to join the conversation.

Steph and Rachel met while working at a publishing house in Melbourne. There they would often chat about what motivated them as two girls in their 20s still trying to figure life out.

In 2014, Steph and Rachel developed the idea for Friday Best; a place where like-minded women could share what really matters to them.

They have a long distance relationship between Melbourne and Amsterdam fuelled by virtual coffees, endless Skype dates and a gut feeling that we’re all hungry for more meaningful and interesting conversations.

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line! or visit us at Facebook and Twitter.

Friday Best is proudly supported by the Copyright Agency Limited Career Fund.